Start with a Text

Girls on Cell Phones Creative Commons Image

A new disruptive teaching method which I have fallen in love with recently is What makes Remind so special?  It is a simple way to communicate with students and parents on their terms-via text.  It works like this, you set up a reminder list, perhaps testing dates is a good start point.  Personally I like to post homework and I can update and modify as much as I like.

Once your list is set up, invite parents and students to go to the site and enter their cell phone number.  The list you set up will automatically text the users whatever you put on your list as the date you set arrive.  Think of it as a listserve for cell phones.

Textiquette: Keep it simple, messages should be as few words as possible and only as frequent as needed.  One a day-week is plenty.  Remember that some people do not have unlimited plans.

Etiquette: Back up this list.  Place it in another location as a backup.  Do not assume all of your students have phone access/internet access.  This is a favorite thing for parents to take away as a consequence for their kids.  It is also common that economics limit access.  So post it in multiple places to improve the impact.  Perhaps a single email (handout if you have face time) with all the dates and then remind101 as a reminder.


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