Online PE? Yes Really

My last trip to to the gym involved a treadmill with feedback, and a personalized workout printout.

My last video game experience involved a camera which told me if my body was in the right position.

Heck my blackberry can tell me where I am and how fast I’m moving.

Technology has permeated our fitness routines, just as it has other parts of our daily lives. Enter online PE.  Yes PE

Imagine learning at a young age that fitness is not tied to feelings of inadequacy and locker rooms.  Fitness is a routine, a daily workout, a plan. Imagine learning fitness the way that we as adults do fitness.  Add in the educational components of instruction and evaluation, and not online is online PE doable, it is for many an ideal situation.  Teacher’s become personal trainers, rather than playtime supervisors.

Now admittedly- team sports are a challenge here.

However, the benefits of including fitness in students education are already widely documented.  Our nation is begging for ways to combat the obesity epidemic, and if meeting kids with the tech is one way to effect a solution, then in this teacher’s mind…It is high time.

So its time to tie up those laces, strap on that web-enhanced pedometer and get our kids moving.


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