The E Teacher:Another thing they never told me in teacher college

Reblogged from The E Teacher WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2011

Some day someone will tell you how great teachers have it because you have summers off and they will be wrong.

So here I am 15 years into my teaching career, 13 face-to-face, 2 full time online and at the beginning of my children and student’s Winter vacation period.  I can honestly say that in all of this time, I have never taken a summer vacation off.

Seriously dude, you can take  bathroom breaks

I was always active in professional development in my “off” time before.  But now with rolling enrollment models I have realized that I never get an entire day off again. This fact is punctuated as I work now pretty much everywhere – poolside at my child’s swimming lesson, in the lobby of the gym where my child is having basketball practice, in the car while parked outside the movie theater picking up my older child from a date, and once in the deep North Woods on a wi-fi card and a prayer.

Dad, get off the phone!

E teachers like me have to develop extraction strategies so that we can cope with our daily lives outside of work.  The constant connectivity can be both a joy and a burden.  Efficiency has its price in exhaustion and burn out.

We need to think about ourselves somewhere in this equation.  A colleague of mine recently told me that she turned off her data plan so that she can only work while physically at the computer.  Otherwise she found herself emailing at Disney when she should have been enjoying her kids.

Some Tips:

Schedule at least 5 hours per day with activities that do not include work.

Take vacation days (you are allowed) which are completely offline.

Post office hours-even if you intend to be available at other times, this can cluster the work so that it lessens the off hours time you are spending.

Give yourself a break

Chew your food without your cell phone

Let the cat take his nap on the keyboard like he wants to…

via The E Teacher.


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