iProcrastinated long enough

Dear Mrs. G,

I don’t know why you can’t open my document.  I sent it to you in Pages format which is the simplest thing.  How do you save things on your iPad?


Um what format? (I replied thinking the “Pages” should have been pdf)


Never heard of that (I replied while simultaneously googling it)

aren’t you a teacher?

Yes, (getting a sinking feeling I am about to be schooled by a 12 year old)

And that was the push it took to finally get me past my love of my tablet pc and admit that iProcrastinated long enough

So this week (thanks to my boss agreeing) I am embarking on the adventure of iPad mania and attempting to better understand the ways that my students are now working with a truly disruptive technology.

First impressions

iPad 2

While fun, its so disconnected.  Everything is an app and the apps don’t seem to like to work together.

Fun-yea it is fun and it seems to be sucking the time out of my day.

It’s heavier than my kindle (kindle reader, not fire)  In fact it’s kind of hefty in general.  That surprised me.

Some cool apps.  I just put on a Lewis Dot diagramming app which is quite awesome. I used it already today teaching my daughter a face to face lesson.

But therein lies the rub.  To teach fully online with this, how can I bundle apps so that my students at a distance have what they need?  I can’t help but feel this is more suited to blended environments where you can preset a classroom set of iPads rather than asking the kids to find and install a set of apps.

I HATE TOUCH SCREENS!!! But my bluetooth keyboard does work 🙂

So far…well its a novelty but I’m glad I didn’t spend my own money on it.  Has anyone got any suggestions of things I should try as I test drive this for online/blended  ?


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