Social Media and Blogs for Earth Science Week

NASA is celebrating Earth Science Week from October 14-20, 2012 and inviting students and teachers to connect with Earth Explorers – from scientists and engineers, to multimedia producers, educators, and writers. Find out about their careers, why and how they study the planet and what their typical day is like.    Explorers will share their stories through blog posts, a Google+ Hangout, a Reddit interview, and Twitter chats.

Your class can participate directly by asking questions during the live events or sending in questions beforehand.   NASA’s  schedule ( includes:

Tuesday, October 16 (1pm ET/10am PT) – Twitter Chat with polar scientist Thorsten Markus

Wednesday, October 17 (1pm ET/10am PT) – Google+ Hangout with Operation IceBridge scientist Christy Hansen, on location near Antarctica

Wednesday, October 17 (6pm ET/3pm PT) – Reddit Interview with oceanographer Josh Willis

Thursday, October 18 (12noon ET/9am PT) – Twitter Chat with atmospheric research scientist Erica Alston

In addition to a wide array of English-language events and resources, there is also content in Spanish on NASA’s website and events for Spanish speakers including a Univisión radio interview on Tuesday, October 16 with scientists Erika Podest and Miguel Román, and a webinar with engineers from NASA’s Aquarius mission on Wednesday, October 17 for high school and college students.   There are many ways educators can use NASA Earth Science Week activities and resources. Here are a few of the blog posts available on the website that might be of interest to you:   ·         Social Media Events – What to Do Before, During, and After: ·         Earth Explorers and Earth Science Subjects: ·         How to Use Blog Posts: ·         Blog Posts and Science Standards:   Visit the NASA Earth Science Week website ( for a collection of articles, event information, blog posts, educational


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