Bringing Oceans to the Prairies

One of the greatly disruptive aspects of online learning in my mind is the ability to learn about things from which we are geographically distant.  IVS instructor, Dr. Aryliss Lisner, has designed a course which exemplifies this.

Bringing Oceans to the Prairies

In the Illinois Virtual School’s Oceanography course students become familiar with physical, chemical, geological, biological, and economic aspects of the oceans and how these interact to affect their lives. At the October 19 Forum in Elgin, Illinois Dr. Aryliss Lisner will be presenting an overview of the IVS Oceanography course and how it ties to the Common Core Standards. In addition, she will show how 21st century skills are embedded into the course activities so students are better prepared for the future.

Conference information can be found at

Aryliss Lisner was born and grew up in Chicago. She graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a double major in Biology and Secondary Education. Later earned a Masters in Earth Science also from Northeastern Illinois University. Her Doctor of Education was earned from Northern Illinois University with an accent on Instructional Technology. She retired from face-2-face classroom teaching after thirty nine years with the Chicago Board of Education.  Currently she is working for Illinois Virtual School teaching Oceanography online and collaborating on enhancing this course with the John G. Shedd Aquarium.



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