Impressions of VSS #Vss12 Guest Blogger-Jim Kinsella, Teacher at IVS.

1st day of VSS went well.  It was MUCH bigger than I expected.  It continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  I was struck that there were fewer teachers than I expected.  It seems the greatest population is of administrators.

The sessions I attended were geared to present the possibilities of teacher tutors and of the use of the new math program by NROC.  Both of these presentations brought thoughts of what could be done if there were more people doing things and less people planning and directing.  The thought keeps revolving…Let teachers teach?

Select presentations may be viewed by going to

The motivational speaker at lunch was quite a treat. Chic Thompson, Author and President of Creative Management Group.  He really knew how to motivate the audience.  I will be looking more into his background later.

Gotta run now

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Jim Kinsella has been an instructor and held various administrative positions in the history of Illinois Virtual School/Illinois Virtual High School.  He currently works with online students of History for IVS, Sevenstar Academy, and Northwestern Gifted Learning Links.

Chic Thompson is a motivational speaker.  You can download his ebook “Yes, but…” here


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