To Share or Not To Share #VSS12 more from Guest blogger Jim Kinsella

Day two was as good as day one.  There were several sessions I attended among them were two sessions on using tutors to help students at risk.  One group centered around using college students and the other group focus was on using students enrolled in the virtual school.  There were some interesting ideas but I also saw many areas of concern.  I think these methods deserve some further investigation as an alternative to credit recovery.

One of the other sessions I attended had to do with blogging.  As evidenced here by these entries, I am not a good blogger at least in part because I don’t see the relavancy of using this time when I could be teaching.  I found it interesting that some of the people in the session agreed with my attitude and one of the panel leaders even went so far as to say that he was chastised by his employer for being so outspoken.  If blogging is another way for Big Brother to watch, I am not so sure I want to continue.  However, I do see good results coming from other blog participants when sharing ideas among themselves.


2 thoughts on “To Share or Not To Share #VSS12 more from Guest blogger Jim Kinsella

  1. I am so glad that Jim shared his concerns about blogging, both in terms of time and content. One of my own major struggles is when am I over-sharing? Blogging is certainly public and permanently out there once I hit the send button.

    On the other hand, I do differ from Jim philosophically on the whole “relevancy of using this time.” Perhaps this is a bit of my pedagogy geek showing, but I believe that the best teachers are reflective teachers. They do take time out from the trenches to think about what they have and are doing. It is hard as a teacher to give up the time spent prepping and grading to think about what you are doing. It really is. We run a marathon from term to term. However the best marathon runners will tell you to hydrate before you are thirsty.

    To me that is why I blog. It is a time out to hydrate my brain and think before during and after doing. So the relevancy for me as a blogger is that I function better during my “on task” time if I spend a little “off task” time in a productive manner.

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