Geeking out with Greggs-Online Music Composition with NoteFlight @noteflight

OK, this makes me happy. It started with watching a webinar, which directed me to a movie and the focus of the movie is how Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) makes some software “plug-in” to just about any school website, no matter your LMS brand.

Yep, don’t care.  


click to watch how this works from a student and teacher perspective.

Check out how this guy is teaching music composition.  Online, with notes and sound.  I mean its just freaking cool.

I tried the live demo, and well, fell in love

If I had this I would want to take music theory 🙂  I am definitely geeking out now.

Check them out at


How Disruptive Access to Data is Changing K-12 Science Education Standards. Webinar May 3 @ 1pm CST

I am privileged today to be presenting with Jim Stock of Minneapolis Public Schools Online on the subject of the changes happening in science education.  These changes have been precipitated by the unprecedented widespread disruptive changes in access to data we are experiencing in modern times. The topic of this meeting will be “The New Science Standards: Next Gen, AP and Their Impact on the Online Classroom”.

The archive of this is linked below, please not you may need to manually advance slides within the recording.

View Meeting Archive

online science presentation 5-3-13

Click to view the presentation slides.

Hope to see you there!