Photobomb Saturn Today!

Geeking out with Greggs via Alice Wessen of Cassini,
Join us today, July 19, while we “photobomb” Saturn!  The Earth portrait takes place between 2:27 and 2:42 pm PT.  Information for other time zones is at:

Wave at Saturn today when the Cassini spacecraft takes a picture of the full globe of Saturn with Earth peeking through the rings:

And, yes, we calculated time for photons to come to earth and back, etc.

In addition a Ustream event will originate from the JPL mall between 2 to 2:30 pm PT.  Guests will be Scott Edgington, Deputy Project Scientist; Joe Burns, Imaging Team Scientist (Skyping in from Cornell); and Jane Jones, Cassini Outreach Team Member.  Ustream info is at: ustream
There will also be a photo from ComicCon, and some image contributions from amateurs around the world, and a phone interview with Stuart Atkinson, hosting a Wave at Saturn event in Cumbria, England. 
For anyone who wants a certificate that they waved…or photobombed Saturn today you may print your own “Wave at Saturn” certificate!  The certificate is at: Certificate
If you would like a banner in various languages (nearly 80), including Klingon go here:  

Resources(Klingon translation from the creator of the Klingon language himself, Marc Okrand) 


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