The Sliding Hands of Time

As it is well past midnight I am contemplating once again the shift from brick and mortar to virtual education. This is a leap which began for me when I myself was an online student in the early days of online distance ed. Windows 3 was the big thing, and IRC chat and VHS tape was my classroom.

The hooks that got into me got in deep for two reasons. 1) The appeal for a young mother and teacher of being able to work when I was available, not give up my day job or time with my family. 2)Access to the education I wanted.

You see at the time, it was hard to find science degrees which would have accommodated my schedule. I maintain to this day that online ed was a huge leap forward for the math/sci learners of the world who still needed their day jobs.

Well now my day job is my night job. I live and work mostly in a world separated from time. I struggle to accept the limitations of the calendared masses. This reminds me of a book I read in the last year The Age of Miracles in which some people when faced with changing length of day due to catastrophic changes in our orbit learn to live a life outside of clock time. The clockless and the clocked clash because of their differences.

This also reminds me of my time in Latvia, which has always felt like a slow gentle time. Sort of the way the walker feels at the airport when they step into that 12 feet of floor space between people movers.

As I worked in my timeless time this evening the people whom I most enjoy working with were also there working online from wherever they are. Answering the calls of work at 10 pm as easily as 10 am. There is an easy carefree feel, a comfort, knowing that they are with me as the hours slide by.

All that while the 477 remaining hours until the fall term start looms and I decide that I should spend the next 6-7 of those sleeping. After I blog that is… 😉


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