Mixed active content Solutions for IVS students and teachers

Browsers are updating rapidly in an attempt to make your internet experience more secure. However, education in general, our content vendors and IVS are scrambling to keep up. As a result you may be finding content blocked by their browser on a regular basis.

As seen in IE on Windows 8

As seen in IE on Windows 8

Please take the time to view this video to see what the error looks like, and how to clear it up quickly. If students are experiencing this issue, please try to find the security icons

as shown. http://www.screencast.com/t/amyeP2hWMlU5
The icon shown in the browser bar of chrome
There are more permanent solutions available for IE, Firefox and Chrome. However, since Mixed Active Content can be harmful when not well vetted, I don’t recommend them. That said, if you know what you are looking at here are the options by browser:


  1. Click Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet Zone>Custom
  2. Locate Display Mixed Content
  3. Change setting to “Enabled” or “Prompt” depending on whether you want to accept the alert on each page


  1. Open this site in Firefox:https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/toggle-mixed-active-content/?src=ss
  2. Click the Add to Firefox button for the Toggle Mixed Active Content and then the Install button.
  3. Once installed, you will see in the lower right corner of Firefox 23 a green box with a letter (such as A). This is the toggle.  In Firefox 24 you may not see a box and the toggle is in the add-on menu.


  1. Right click the link to open chrome and edit the target properties.
  2. Add the –allow-running-insecure-content flag to your command line.

For further information about Mixed Active Content and how it affects D2L users, please visit.



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