Free to love my phone again @BlackBerry @CrackBerry

As a person who has become accustomed to using my phone as an extension of my hand, and who works virtually I have been struggling. It seems that the world was conspiring against us. You see, I’m a technical person who communicates technical things. Besides this blog, there is nearly nothing I do which doesn’t contain uncommon spellings, tricky codes, number letter symbol combinations and many of those have to be exact.

Autocorrect failSo imagine my dismay in a world gone mad with people who could care less about precision speech and typing. A world where we all just figure out that misspelled word and laugh off the auto correct fails of our friends and co-workers. You see people are happy with touch screens, but only because they have become happy with and accepting of the imprecise. And this my friends is where things get complicated.

The imprecise is not ok in coding.
People may be able to just figure it out, but thus far computers simply throw an error message and send bad code back to us, the precise people, to solve.

Sigh. So I hung onto my old physical keyboard blackberry for as long as I could. It was a torch. But slowly the world of apps dried up, and then it broke-literally sparked smoked and died in my arms. And I gave up the ghost. I bought an android phone (I already own a iPad and I try to remain device agnostic).

But alas, a physical keyboard was not to be had without a bulky extra case and extra plug-in. Ug. So I tried, I really tried to embrace the touch screen. Until finally I hated my phone.

Then lonely and adrift as a technophile in an unusable tech world, one day Blackberry “leaked” its new 10.2.1 OS. While still in beta and not an official version. OMG I am dancing with glee. I can download android apps on a Blackberry Q10. It has a physical keyboard which is so much better than any touch screen. I can load android apps to it, and It works. It allows me to do work. And I am at long last, free to love my phone again. ❤

(BTW the battery life on a blackberry OS 10 is phenomenal and its multitasking ability kicks all the others right in the rear)