The Tortoise and The Hare a techno-fable

Oh the shame of it.  I pride myself on patience and understanding, on working with even the most technophobic noob and getting the job done.
So today I was working with a variety of help requests which made me feel like this picture.
Watching Tortoises I felt a strange sense of awe and fascination, twinged with boredom at watching someone type virtual (hey they were screen sharing like a pro)


backspace backspace backspace backspace V-E-R-E-R

backspace backspace backspace backspace V-E-R-E-T

backspace backspace backspace backspace V-E-T-E-R

OMG I thought.

They kept saying it was a typo.  But, I and E are not remotely close on the keyboard.

Anyway, in the end their computer figured out where they were going anyway.  Some googliness puzzled their thought process from the dark confines of their keyboard.  and I began to wonder.  I have always thought of myself as the hare in this scenario, efficiently getting where I wish to go without need of google’s translation.  But perhaps I am the tortoise.  Perhaps it no longer matters.  And all of these things which I thought make me efficient make me inefficient.  Perhaps if I type willy nilly google will think for me….

But am I really comfortable with Bing deciding my destination.  Imagine buying a plane ticket by stating you want to go to sprengfild el

where would you end up?  and is it ok for googliness to make that call?

This Hare has fallen down the rabbit hole.


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