Delving into social media

Well I’ve embarked upon a new adventure with Illinois Virtual over the past few weeks. I’m now managing our social medial presence. My own meager twitter followings not withstanding it seems that I am the person on staff who has most embraced the constant media flow mentality.

The first adventure in this has been to solidify and condense our social media presence. Through mergers and acquisitions over time so many accounts which we originally made as separate entities have become merged. Skype and Live, Youtube and google+, the list goes on. In addition some of the pioneers of social media have simply ceased being productive and new items are all the rage.

So I have curtailed out of 27 individual accounts into a handful of more manageable ones and after a few weeks the personality disorder of our organization is starting to come in to focus a bit.

You may ask how this mess all happened, and rightfully so. IL Virtual is many things, but tremendously funded and staffed is not one of them. Its been a marathon at sprint pace for the past 5 years and just now we are finally built enough to start focusing on some of the bigger picture items which fell off of our collective radars during the melee.

In addition, like a chef who makes PB and J for themselves, sometimes when you work life is online, being social online doesn’t seem as much of a priority, so many of our staffers had gone the way of not participating actively in social media over time.

And then there’s me. I was a geek before geeks were in fashion. And the social media age was pretty much made for the likes of me. So now learning the toolset of using it for business is my new adventure. Wish me luck!

Better yet, like this, tweet it,+ it or share in any way you like. Send it viral 🙂


doing work for @ILVirtualSchool



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