What your tech support person wishes you knew…

      1. ALL DEVICES ARE CUSTOM. No matter where you bought it every device has been edited from the moment it was powered on, you clicked buttons, you added softwares, profiles, and little details which make it uniquely yours.  Your device is not identical to any other device out there.  This is a benefit and a drawback.  The benefit is that you get a largely custom experience tailored to your wants and needs.  The drawback is that with each custom tweak you make our job a bit more challenging.
      2. WE WANT YOUR TECH TO WORK.  We will use every resource person, manual, and searchable board to find a solution to your problem.  We will call colleagues, make case notes and keep hunting.
      3. THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME What you just presented us, may be a puzzle with a missing piece, or it may be the multi-puzzle set which was dumped on the table in front of us and we are sifting through the pieces looking for the edges.  If the latter, then you need to know that we may have to put you on hold, we may long pauses and talk out load to ourselves.  We may ask you to try 6 things which do not work before we find the one which does. This is part of the process.
      4. SOMETIMES WE GOOGLE YOUR ANSWER.  It’s true, much of what we do is just really good observation and high detail searching.  You could probably do it too, but this may be a case of chance favoring the prepared mind.
      5. IT USUALLY IS NOT OUR FAULT. 90% of the time (or more) the answer lies in your tech rather than ours.  It’s nothing personal. All those customizations mentioned above can sometimes break things in predictable and unpredictable ways.
      6. UNSUPPORTED MEANS WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FIX IT When a product or service tells you that there are system requirements and that some things may not be supported, they mean it.  As ubiquitous as technology is, some things are simply incompatible.
      7. INTERNET SECURITY IS OFTEN A SCAM. As concerned as we all are about your data security it turns out most products offering internet security are really scams.  They are collecting data about your internet usage which they resell to their customers who create targeted marketing around your usage.  The truth is that the internet, wi-fi, and cellular communications are completely insecure no matter what they advertise.  Your data, on the internet, is out there.  In addition programs which offer via a download and some fee to provide internet security is often what we in the industry call malware which can hijack your computer and cause all manner of issues.  Most end users really need antivirus and perhaps malware support.  High end users (like me) should invest in an Internet Security program which is from a reputable company. Consumer reports states: “We recommend running an anti-malware program and a firewall on your computer. Free anti-malware programs do not cost anything to install or maintain, though you may have to re-register yearly. “

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