Between clicks.

Today is one of those tedious days.  The internet went out for a few hours, the phone system was out, and when everything came back online the upload speed was abysmal. 

Today is also one of those days where I needed to be on it, Little Miss Efficiency.  Instead I come off as Little Miss Scatterbrain

So I am blogging to ease the pain of the time between clicks in an upload process (videos to a streaming video server which are quite large and must be manually uploaded one at a time).  

We are now just 17 working days from fall start and just 12 from summer end. But summer never really ends due to extensions and fall is never really ready until … well I’m not sure. Sometime well after what the best intentions intended.

So understandably I am feeling the 5 O’clock panic.  My Grandma Libby described this as the feeling a teacher gets on Sunday night just around supper that something has been left undone and the success of the week to follow hinges on you figuring out what it is and solving it before school opens.  Grandma Libby was a school teacher who spanned the generation of 1 room school house to retiring as a math teacher from one of the largest districts in Michigan just before the internet came online.  Its amazing how little has changed, even when everything has changed.

Ah. I see my upload is done.  Fond wishes for all as my “between clicks” time ends.


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