Virtual Professional Community-the social steal aspect

Like all great teachers who came before me, I know a good idea when I steal it.  I have to admit that I have been a professional in online education long enough that I should have already been doing some of this.  But I wasn’t. Too busy in the trenches of other things. So, here is to making up for lost time.

When I started in online ed (when windows was new) a discussion online was carried on by IRC chat. //

Think green screen. //

Think codes such as // to end a multi line thought. //

Today, the app is different, but the thought is the same, create community through semi-synchronous social tools.  Twitter, pinterest, facebook, linkedIn, etc etc etc

Since being placed in charge of the social media management of @ILVirtualSchool a few months ago I’ve had my eyes reopened to the realities and possibilities of social media.  And then this summer a colleague challenged our status quo and built a game based on twitter usage and a hashtag and got our faculty to play.  She had of course stollen the idea from a conference we attended together.  So I am happily now stealing her idea from their idea and designing a socially developed game plan to our future PD.

I’m also going to be designing a semi-synchronous instruction class for our PD department which will hopefully be offered state-wide within the year. In addition we are hosting twitter chats Tuesdays at 7pm (CST) #IVSEdChat  come join us and let’s learn together.


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