Science Teaching Great Reources

OK so I was putting together some resources for my classes and thought I would share them here.

Understanding Science 101  This is a great online course module on what science is and what it isn’t, how it’s done and how it isn’t done.

DLESE:  Great Earth and Earth systems science resources searchable by grade level and discipline.

EdTech Teacher Science Resources: From virtual labs to computational tools, there are dozens of options for integrating technology into the science curriculum.

PBS Learning Media: Searchable videos and interactives based on PBS programming.

The Fieldbook Project: National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institution Archives intends to create a “one stop” archive for field research journals and other documentation. You can find plenty of examples from actual field research journals for your classes.

PhET: Physics teachers will wonder how they ever lived without this interactive sims.

Planting Science: Bringing together students, plant scientists, and teachers from across the nation. Students engage in hands-on plant investigations, working with peers and scientist mentors to build collaborations and to improve their understanding of science.

Hope you enjoy.  Leave your recommendations in the comments!



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