Next Adventure Quality Matters

In a week and a half I start the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (Secondary) course.  This is a 3 week venture into looking at a peer and external review course rubric.  I’m excited and I’m daunted.

I’m geeking out on this partly because as an edugeek I reserve the right to love time for reflective teaching.  There is also an incredibly edifying factor that from what I’ve seen of QM it’s pretty much the teaching/learning paradigm I preach.

The daunted part comes from the words “multi-year process” coupled with short timelines on the first steps ( IVS has this 3 week course and compliance with standard 1 due by Dec 2).  I mean, what ever happened to PD during low student load times????

The Edugeek will win out (I hope)…

Care to join me in class?  Visit for information and to register.


3 thoughts on “Next Adventure Quality Matters

    • Hi Jenny, Great to meet you! I had a positive and frustrating time. Frustrating because the sample they give you to evaluate is challenging, and I as a “doer” like to simply fix what’s wrong. The exercise is really in providing good feedback and allowing the teacher/course provider to make their own decisions. So the frustrations are completely my own and a learning curve I had with the process.

      The great part of the course was that I found it really affirming. A lot of what I already do intuitively was codified and scored. So it gave me a way to find and evaluation things I might have overlooked while affirming what I am already doing well.

      A big part of the model is the 85% standard. Meaning they don’t expect anyone to meet every standard 100% of the time. There are some standards which are key, but the goal is to earn an 85% at each step of the game. That’s a challenge for type-A’s.

      I really like the process and think it has a good process for developing and reflecting on current practices. I recommend it.

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