Engineering Animal Enclosures

At NSTA 2015 in Chicago I am doing a session on Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace LAB Science or #3AsLabSci “To remove the barriers of schedule and facility and provide student-centered digital blended learning that supports the NGSS and CCSS through Illinois Virtual School.”

While following the #NGSSchat tonight I happened on an excellent example of why #3AsLabSci doesn’t have to be high tech. We could add Web 2.0 Reporting tools to a low tech science or engineering lab and develop this as a blended experience.

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Musselman / Science

An introduction to classification has long been a staple of the fifth-grade curriculum in Burlington. But with a traditional classification test feeling a bit stale the teachers at Fox Hill looked to the Science Center for a way to spice things up with less rote memory and more application of understanding. Enter: the “Animal Shelter Project”. Built on a fabricated story of chaos at the Science Center and the immediate need for a wide variety of animal shelters, students were charged with engineering enclosures that would restore order in the Science Center while providing a healthy place for our feature-creatures to live comfortably.

Step 1: Identify Problem

Design Process ThumbnailTo begin, the challenge was introduced to the students by an exasperated version of myself, explaining the disarray at the Science Center and a need for new enclosures that were carefully designed and constructed with each animal in mind. The Design Process model…

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