Best of Con Days #NSTA15 – My Days 2 and 3

So my last two days were a blur of activity which left me a bit too tired to really even blog about them until now. Thank goodness for notes!

See also Best of Con Day 1

While gathering great info I learned of some twitter hashtags I’ll  be following:

#NGSSChat (next gen science standards), #GuildChat (eLearning), #SatChat (Saturday morning conversations on education). #SciChat (science and science education chat)

I delved in depth into some resources I had not previously heard of and am now in love with

Royal Society for Chemistry, which is the UK sister of the ACS, presented on some great BYOD content options they provide.

iLabStudios This pilot project is offering real lab equipment in university labs connected to the internet of things, so students can use a Geiger Counter or Mass Spec to gather real data by sending an experiment via online means.

ESRI If you haven’t seen the new browser based ESRI, you should.  The best feature- drag and drop imports of CSV’s with a latitude and longitude into a data layer for epic visualizations.  Free to use for many states who have joined in an ed partnership.

Spark Fun, this is plug in and program robotics.  Its more for students who don’t want to soder, but don’t want to be limited to legos.  It has a ton of promise.  It also has the ability to have a personal data channel via the internet of things, and a coding test program which is online.

The biggest ah ha for me though was how dedicated my face-2-face colleagues are.  Working virtually and blended I have beautiful LMS enabled capabilities in 3 platforms.  So many of these teachers were open source creating from scratch these capabilities.  The time and expertise development required is nothing short of monstrous.  Yet here they were by droves creating blended content by sheer force of will.
Bob Abrams @misterabrams gave an excellent talk on ways to manufacture the instantaneous feedback I so value in a well designed LMS based quiz.
Heidi Bjerke @hbjerke gave two sessions 1) on flipping your class and 2) on social media for teachers

So, I know I haven’t captured everything.  In a conference over 10,000 strong there is no way to do so.  I hope others are sharing their best ofs so our PLN can continue to grow.


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