Bridging the gap- middle school update

This article is a update on an earlier post about a middle school turning credit recovery on it’s head.

I have been so impressed by schools and their creative uses of the materials we originally thought of as for remediation to instead use it as a leg up for students trying to get ahead.  One group recently decided to use the courses as a intensive freshman summer camp by selecting 2 courses students work over one week.  Their goal is to score the highest point total in the most units, for which there are prizes.  The catch – the more lessons they test out of, the more units, but fewer points are earned.  Not testing out means they have to move more slowly and may not get as many units.

Bring Your A Game FHSPrizes include – Getting dibs on the earliest section of driver’s ed, a parking space, choice of locker, $50 gift cards to local shops and restaurants, waved sports fees, and a season pass to all home games.  Students select their preferred prize when they sign up for camp.  The top 3 scores in each prize pool win.  The camp’s name – “Bring your A game.”

Please share your exciting, fun, innovative uses of online learning.


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