About Christine Gregory

Christine Gregory works as a full time instructor and technical support liaison for Illinois Virtual School.

Mrs. G. has been teaching science since 1996.  She began with a degree in Biology, but gravitated towards the physical sciences throughout her career.  Space science was always a hobby, she even attended Space Academy and Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  A tradition carried on by her children.

Due to her interest, Mrs. G. pursued a master’s degree in Space Studies which she completed in 2003.  Since then she has been actively involved in Mars exploration.  She spent the summer of 2008 working in Tuscon, Az on the Phoenix Lander mission to the Martian Artic.  She worked on the “Spirit” Mer-A rover of the highly successful Mars Exploration Rover program.  There is even a rat hole on a rock on Mars, part of the first ever triple rat brush experiment, named Chris_G after Mrs. G.

Besides virtual teaching (Mrs. G’s day job) and occasionally teaching at Richland Community College and Millikin University in the evenings, she volunteers as a  NASA Solar System Ambassador, and has 4 children.

The Picture Me Home portion of the site is dedicated to many children and families like Christine’s whose lives have been impacted by the missing. We will never stop searching.  Please take a moment to look at these children and report any sightings to the authorities. It is better to be wrong than blind.

If you were looking for information from my employer, please visit http://www.ILVirtual.org or http://ILVirtualSchoolBlog.wordpress.com

If you were looking for my posts about my discernment process and reflections for the Episcopal Church Please visit http://chrisoncall.wordpress.com



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